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The Diptera ("di-ptera" = two-winged) or "true flies" is the largest order of animals in the UK with around 7,000 known species and new ones being discovered every year. They are found in all habitats from the sea shore to mountain tops. Whilst some are agricultural pests or vectors of disease, the great majority are beneficial. They are extremely important as predators on other pests and diseases, as pollinators, as food for other animals and the immature stages of the bulk of the species are involved in the decay of organic matter and the recycling of material back into the soil.

Entomologists who specialise in these insects are "dipterists". In 1993, a group of people who wanted to find out more about every aspect of their lives, including the habitats they require, set up the Dipterists Forum. There is a great deal still to learn about flies. Mapping the distribution of some groups is a major achievement of the Dipterists Forum to date, but the immature stages of the majority of species are still unknown. Many species are becoming increasingly rare as a result of habitat loss and climate change.

Why not join the Dipterists Forum and help us find out more about flies? There is so much still to learn; we welcome beginners and there are always people who can help you out in the early stages. You don’t need to be an expert, or even to leave your own garden, to contribute to our knowledge of these fascinating insects. Flies need your help! Read more ...

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NFBR Conference 2018: Skill Development for Biological Recording

Details at http://www.field-studies-council.org/in … -2018.aspx
This is to be held at FSC's Preston Montford from 10th to 12th May and includes a visit to Brown Moss on the last day

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We are now taking bookings for Our 2018 summer field meeting which will be based in the University of Staffordshire campus at Stoke on Trent over the period June 23-30 2018 (7 nights).

This location is centered very close to the junction of Staffordshire (Vice-County 39), Shropshire (VC 40) and Cheshire (VC 58) with Derbyshire (VC 57) just 20 km away. The area within reasonable travelling distance is roughly equally divided amongst the four VCs and covers a variety of exciting habitats. See the notice by Alan Stubbs on page 31 of Bulletin 84 (Autumn 2017) and WATCH THIS PAGE FOR MORE

The accommodation will be in single en-suite bedrooms with full English breakfast plus 3 Course Cafeteria-style dinner provided. There will be access to a designated kitchen with food refrigeration facilities to enable self preparation of picnic style lunch (there are several supermarkets within 1 mile of the campus).

Attendees will have access to a laboratory with a fridge for specimens and a meeting room from 07:00 - 24:00 hrs.

The total cost for each attendee will be £311.50 and we are asking for a deposit of £50 to be paid to confirm the booking.The balance must be paid before or during the meeting.

Deposits of £50 may be paid by BACS (A/C 48054615 Sort Code 606008) –  AND PLEASE also send an e-mail (including any special requirements) to our treasurer at helophilus@hotmail.co.uk and CC malcolmjsmart@gmail.com

Alternatively cheques payable to Dipterists Forum may be sent to:

Dr Phil Brighton

32 Wadeson Way




BUT PLEASE also email malcolmjsmart@gmail.com to advise him of the booking.

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Acalyptrate Clinic

On Saturday, 12th May, John and Barbara Ismay and Jann Billker  will hold an Acalyptrate Clinic in the Collections area of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. It is from 10 am to late afternoon. They will help you with the identification of Acalyptrata families (Diptera)  to family level and many of these to genus or species. Please bring a few specimens that you find difficult or would like confirmed. The clinic is restricted to a maximum of 8 participants, so please let John and Barbara Ismay (schultmay@insectsrus.co.uk ) know if you would like to come. It would also be useful if you could let them know which families you are interested in. They will also bring some draft keys to smaller families that you could use.

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Dipterists Forum Spring Field Meeting 2018 18/05/2018 - 20/05/2018

This meeting will be held in the New Forest, meeting up on the morning of Friday May 18th through to the afternoon of Sunday May 20th. We have survey permissions for 15 different sites to the west, south west and south east of Lyndhurst.
In addition there are a number of National Trust sites in the north of the New Forest that we have permission to survey on.
If you are interested in attending this meeting please contact Chris Spilling on chrisspp710@gmail.com for further information.
Accommodation isn't plentiful but there are Travelodges and Premier Inns within striking distance.

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Malloch Society Grants

Malloch Society Grants: The Malloch Society has the opportunity to give small grants to individual entomologists, up to a maximum of £500 per applicant. This offer, the David Robertson Memorial Fund, is in memory of a founder member and former treasurer of the Society. It is intended for dipterological research relevant to the Scottish fly fauna and any application should complement the Society’s pioneering work on the Scottish fauna. Preference will be given to projects that would lead to the formal publication of results. A description of the proposal of no more than 300 words should be addressed to The Malloch Society Secretary, c/o National Museums Collection Centre, 242 West Granton Road, Edinburgh, EH5 1JA.

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