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Photos of living flies

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Stratiomys potamida by Judy Webb

Newly emerged female reared from a larva collected from fen mud.  I am surprised by the docility of these flies on flowes and also by the loud buzzing noise they make when you actually get hold of one!

2008-03-10 23:03:51
Phasia obesa (Tachinidae) by conopid

Near Shrewsbury. One of many hundreds of Phasia pusilla and P obesa present in a set-aside field in August 2006.

2008-02-28 00:13:24
Horsefly, Atylotus rusticus by stuart

Male Atylotus rusticus in the net, Pevensey Levels, 28 June 2006. This is an incredibly rare species in the UK with probably no more than a dozen records prior to 2006. On the Dipterists Forum field meeting in Sussex in 2006, we were lucky enough to hit upon a a large scale emergence in progress and many tens of individuals were seen and photographed!

2008-02-26 12:39:00
Chironomidae by stuart

Male Chironomidae

2008-02-25 22:38:24
Cluster fly by stuart

Pollenia (Calliphoridae) feeding on flowers in Autumn

2008-02-25 22:31:01
Micropezid by stuart

Calobata species on a sandy river bank

2008-02-25 22:26:20
Heleomyzidae by stuart

A Heleomyzid on a fungus

2008-02-25 22:25:19
Bibio by stuart

Male Bibio on a daisy flower

2008-02-08 13:03:56
Graphomya by stuart

Female of Graphomya maculata Muscidae on hogweed

2008-02-08 13:02:23
Eustelomyia by stuart

A rather smart Anthomyiid associated with solitary hymenoptera

2008-02-07 11:30:17

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