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Larvae and larval rearing

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Solva marginata pupal case and puparium by conopid

Reared from cases found beneath the bark of a fallen sycamore tree.

2008-06-16 11:06:37
Cases and puparium of Thaumastoptera calceata by Judy Webb

The  puparium can be seen just poking out of the oblong-rounded case of this small yellow cranefly.  The cases are made of detritus and in this case are stuck to sedge litter from a calcareous fen.  The adult is seen in the specimens section of the gallery

2008-06-04 16:56:02
Lipsothrix nervosa pupal horn by Judy Webb

L nervosa has much more rounded ends to the pupal horns and the horns are quite cup shaped (again described by Andy Godfrey)

2008-05-25 01:28:08
Lipsothrix remota pupal horn by Judy Webb

L remota has this neat triangular end to one side of the pupal horn. I first read about this in Andy Godfrey's works on Lipsothrix puparia

2008-05-25 01:25:11
A line of Ferdinandea larvae (Syrphidae) by conopid

Larvae of Ferdinandea (Syrphidae) in a sap run on oak. Attingham Park, Shrewsbury 15 May 2008

2008-05-16 00:43:12
Close up of Ferdinandea larvae by conopid

This close up shows the the fleshy stump like projections at the posterior of the abdomen. These are a useful character for identifying the genus, if your larvae are in a sap run. On oak, Attingham Park, Shrewsbury 15 May 2008

2008-05-16 00:41:20
A mass of Ferdinandea larvae in sap by conopid

I counted about ten larvae in this frothy soup in a sap run on oak. Attingham Park, Shrewsbury SY3 7RQ

2008-05-16 00:31:50
A larvae of Ferdinandea spp (Syrphidae) by conopid

One of a large number in a sap run on Oak. Attingham Park, Shrewsbury. 15 May 2008.

2008-05-16 00:29:55
Newly emerged Lipsothrix remota adult by Judy Webb

this is very pale, but becomes a stronger yellow after a few hours

2008-05-13 19:35:35
Lipsothrix remota puparia in situ by Judy Webb

the blunt ended pupal horns of puparia where craneflies have emerged can be seen in the middle of the photo

2008-05-13 19:32:47

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