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Adam M
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Taxonomic work in Northern Ireland

I will be undertaking Common Standards Monitoring work in Northern Ireland this summer as part of my job with Buglife, for the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. One element will involve work on Diptera samples from two old oak woodland SAC's.  The samples will be a combination of wet specimens from Malaise and Vane traps and dry from hand collecting.

I am seeking expressions of interest from Dipterists to undertake approximately 5 to 10 days taxonomic work (not fieldwork) on samples that can be sent to you by mail or courier in a series of batches over the summer. 

It is critical that you are able to put finds properly into an Irish ecological context; it is very common to find species distributions are remarkably different between the island of Ireland and Britain.  This is also important in terms of ensuring that rare specimens in an Irish context that need to be lodged in a museum are not discarded because they are common in Britain.

At this stage I am just looking for:
    Email address
    an indication of which taxonomic groups that you are competent to cover
    An indication of your day rate

My email address is adam(dot)mantell(at)buglife(dot)org(dot)uk



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