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Judy Webb
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Events Calendar for 2018 for all interested in Flies

20 & 21 January 2018, from 10- 6pm daily.   Beginners course in fly identification. Tutors John & Barbara Ismay and Jann Billker. Participants will be limited to 12, cost £60.  Venue OUMNH , bookings possible via the museum, the link is http://www.oum.ox.ac.uk/visiting/whatson.htm . The participants will learn to identify flies (Diptera) to family and they will also get a more than 100 page hand-out the Dipterists Forum draft key.

16 - 18  February 2018, DF Advanced Identification Workshop.  Families: Difficult Larger Brachycera and Anthomyiidae. Tutored by Martin Harvey, Howard Bentley and Philip Brighton. Preston Montford Field Studies Centre, Shrewsbury. Details on FSC website: http://www.field-studies-council.org/prestonmontford

3 March 2018 Introduction to Craneflies Workshop. Tutor Pete Boardman. BENHS Dinton Pastures Country Park, Hurst, Reading. See http://www.benhs.org.uk 

3 March 2018 Staffs Invertebrate Science Fair. Contact Andy Jukes, @ConopsEnto

3 March 2018  Introduction to Flies workshop, 10:00-4:00.  Tutor Martin Harvey for Sussex Wildlife Trust,  Woods Mill, Shoreham Rd, Henfield BN5 9S. For fees and booking details see https://sussexwildlifetrust.org.uk/what s-03032018 

10 March 2018 Workshop on Tachinidae identification. Tutors: Matt Smith and Chris Raper, BENHS, Dinton Pastures Country Park, Hurst, Reading. See http://www.benhs.org.uk 

24 March 2018 BENHS Annual General Meeting and Presidential Address. . See http://www.benhs.org.uk 

12 May 2018 Bees, hoverflies and flowers: pollinators and pollination, Tutor Martin Harvey  - Bishops Wood (near Kidderminster). Field Studies Council.

23- 30 June 2018, DF Summer Field meeting based at Staffordshire University. Details TBA.

30 June 2018 Bees, hoverflies and flowers: pollinators and pollination, Tutor Martin Harvey - Bushy Park, south-west London. Field studies Council.

6 October 2018 AES Annual Exhibition and Trade Fair, Kempton Park, London Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 5AQ, UK. DF will have a publicity stand and publications for sale. See www.amentsoc.org 

3 November 2018  BENHS Annual Exhibition and Dinner, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RL. See http://www.benhs.org.uk  . Bring your best fly exhibits for the Diptera table.

10 & 11 November 2018  DF AGM, Dipterists Day and Indoor Meeting. Oxford University Museum of Natural History. See http://www.oum.ox.ac.uk/

2025 November 2018.   9th International Congress of Dipterology is scheduled to take place in Windhoek Namibia (note change of venue). See website : (http://icd9.co.za/)

1 December 2018 Discovering Diptera: Flies under the Microscope, Tutor Martin Harvey  - Epping Forest. Field Studies Council.
Throughout the Year:

BENHS Dinton Pastures Open Days in the Pelham-Clinton Building, Hurst, Reading. Open 10:30-16:00 on second and fourth Sunday in each month except April to September when only on the second Sunday of each month (except for August when there are no Open Days). We encourage you to bring along your pinned flies and use the Diptera Collections and library for identification.  Other Dipterists are usually present meaning good chat and assistance with identifications may be possible. The grid reference for Dinton Pastures is SU 784718, turn left off the B3030 driving North from Winnersh. The site is about 15 minutes walk from Winnersh station, which has trains running on a half-hourly service from Reading and Waterloo. See: www.benhs.org.uk   

The Northants and Peterborough Diptera Group hold meetings every weekend from end of April until sometime in September/October. See:  northantsdiptera.blogspot.co.uk or contact John Showers on email: showersjohn@gmail.com

The Devon Fly Group will be holding regular field meetings throughout the year. Contact Martin Drake (01460 2206650, email: martindrake2@gmail.com).

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