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#1 2018-02-22 13:52:35

batch valley wildlife
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Name: Mike Shurmer
From: Shropshire VC40
Registered: 2015-02-20
Posts: 32

Entomology cabinet advice

Hi all

I am looking to finally treat myself to a cabinet and wanted to get advice from other Dipterists who have done the same. There are some previous threads, but most of these are now several years old. I would be looking for a 15-20 drawer cabinet (depending on dimensions and price) and would ideally look to use a unit tray system.

I have noted that there are quite a few UK suppliers, but it is quite difficult to navigate through this and work out the best suppliers, as they seem to be understandably targeted at museums. I know the WatDon supply cabinets, but these seem expensive for what they are compared to other suppliers, and I don't particularly want to use them. I have also found that Paradox and Entosphinx supply cabinets and drawers for far less than UK prices, which may prove to be significantly cheaper even with the shipping (though I am not sure of any difference in quality considering the difference in price).

I was wondering if anyone could give recommendations for the best approach, or even if anyone has recently purchased a cabinet themselves?

Mike Shurmer

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#2 2018-02-22 17:19:03

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Name: Brian Harding
From: Kidlington, Oxfordshire
Registered: 2008-10-27
Posts: 326

Re: Entomology cabinet advice

New cabinets with drawers are expensive.
I have heard good reports about the European suppliers - but I see that some of the Paradox cabinets are melamine faced chipboard. This is of no consequence for functionality, but are not so pleasing to look at as a mahogany cabinet.
You could ask NHM London or OUMNH Oxford if they have used cabinets from donated collections which they sometimes sell if they have had a recent donation which they have re-curated into modern cabinets. Likewise the BENHS may have cabinets from recent donations.  In these cases you would have to travel to collect, or make your own arrangements for delivery.  The 50 - 100 year old Hills units are still fully functional.
If you think that you can fill 15 drawers then get a 20 drawer cabinet or 2 x 10 drawer cabinets.



#3 2018-02-22 17:53:03

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Name: Barry Warrington
Registered: 2016-09-23
Posts: 20

Re: Entomology cabinet advice

Hi Mike,

I have recently gone through the process of getting a new cabinet. Thereís a lot to consider!

Can you send me an email, then Iíll reply with my thoughts and experience.

National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme Organiser.



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