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#1 2018-05-31 16:46:20

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Tipula oleracea collection

Hi everyone,

I am doing an internship in Bionema Ltd company. My research project is on the formulation of entomopathogenic nematodes infected host cadavers.

I need to do a crucial experiment under greenhouse conditions, susceptibility test of Leatherjackets.

I have a lot of difficulties finding a place where I could collect the larvae. Do you know a supplier or someone that has these insects in his garden ?

I greatly appreciate your precious help.
Many thanks in advance,




#2 2018-06-01 12:34:27

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Name: John Kramer
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Re: Tipula oleracea collection

Hi Marine,  My thoughts are that the best way to obtain larvae would be to collect the adults and obtain eggs. You could then keep these until larvae emerge.  If you want to mail me I can discuss things in more detail.  My mail address is on the Bulletin, or in Dipterists Digests, or you could perhaps obtain it from a website manager.  It sounds an interesting project.  Best wishes,
John Kramer



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