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#1 2008-03-01 15:53:45

Name: Stuart Ball
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Sepsid recording scheme

The Sepsidae is a small family of Acalyptrates with 28 species.

They are fairly distinctive being rather small, slender, shiny-black, ant-like flies with few bristles or hairs. The commonest members belong to the genus Sepsis which have a prominent black spot on the wing (also present in Saltella) and a habit of walking over vegetation slowly waving their wings. Orygma luctuosum is rather an exception, being a rather stout and flattened bristly fly which is found on the seashore. The larvae develop in dung or rotting vegetation (Orygma in piles of rotting seaweed).

There is a RES Handbook (Pont, 1979) covering the family, although several species have been added to the British list subsequently.

There was a recording scheme, organised by Adrian Pont, which published a provisional atlas in 1986 and was then wound up. The scheme has recently been resurrected by Steve Crellin who is actively collating new records.

Organiser: Steve Crellin email: steve_crellin1@hotmail.co.uk




#2 2008-03-14 16:04:06

Andy chick
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Name: Andy Chick
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Re: Sepsid recording scheme

there is also a key in the Fauna Entomologica Scandinavica series, (Volume 37, Pont and Meier 2002) although it is more expensive, and covers the whole of europe



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