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Dipterists Digest vol 11, 1992, edited by Derek Whiteley.

3 An Imperial Dipterist ? BLACKITH R. Cover of Dipterists Digest vol 11, 1992,  edited by Derek Whiteley.
4 - 16 Flies of the Essex Coast GIBBS D
17 - 21 Records and observations of scarcer Snail-killing Flies (Sciomyzidae) and Millipede-killing Flies (Phaeomyiidae) with a Provisional List of Warwickshire Species FALK S.J.
22 - 32 The Distribution of the Genus Culex in Britain REES A.T. & SNOW K.A.
32 Recent records for Leptopeza borealis Zett. (Dipt., Empididae) HODGE P.J.
33 Records of some uncommon Dolichopodidae from Devon, Cornwall and Anglesey GROVE S. & ALEXANDER K.
33 Stilpon nubila Collin (Dipt., Empididae): a recent British record) HODGE P.J.
34 Notable Empididae from Arundel Park, West Sussex HODGE P.J.
35 - 38 The Plant-mining Diptera of the Isle of Coll, Inner Hebrides (V.C. 103) BLAND K.P.
39 Tipula fascipennis Meigen in Scotland HANCOCK E.G.
40 Parasyrphus nigritarsis (Zett.) and some other scarce flies recorded from Malham Tarn, NW Yorkshire FALK S.
41 - 42 Three Flies New to Yorkshire in 1991 COLDWELL J.D.

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