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Dipterists Digest vol 12, 1992, edited by Anthony Bainbridage.

1 - 2 The two forms of Empis tesellata (Diptera, Empididae) LAURENCE, B.R. Cover of Dipterists Digest vol 12, 1992,  edited by Anthony Bainbridage.
2 Rhamphomyia plumipes (Diptera, Empididae) in Scotland MACGOWAN, I.
3 - 4 The male genitalia of some Argyra species (Diptera, Dolichopididae) COLE, J.
5 - 6 Further records of Platypalpus alter (Diptera, Empididae) MACGOWAN, I. & HORSFIELD, D.
6 A record of Achalcus melanotrichus (Diptera, Dolichopididae) from East Sussex HODGE, P.J.
6 A record of Hercostomus praetextatus (Diptera, Dolichopididae) from South Hampshire HODGE, P.J.
7 - 15 Key to British species of Empis s.str. (Diptera, Empididae) CHV&Acute;LA, M.
16 - 22 Anthalia beatricella sp.n. and two other additions to the British List of Oedaleini (Diptera, Empididae) CHANDLER, P.
23 - 26 Reedmarshes: a poorly appreciated habitat for Dolichopididae POLLET, M.
27 Tachypeza fennica (Diptera, Empididae) new to Britain PLANT, A.R.
28 - 29 Lamprochromus strobli (Dolichopididae) confirmed as a British species HODGE. P.J.
30 - 31 Cheetham and Kowarz Dolichopids at Leeds City Museum CROSSLEY, R.
32 - 38 The distribution of Aphrosylus mitis (Diptera, Dolichopididae) DYTE, C.E. & POULDING, R.H.
38 Two recent East Sussex records for Platypalpus excisus (Diptera, Empididae) HODGE, P.J.

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