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Dipterists Digest vol 2, 1989, edited by Derek Whiteley.

8 - 10 Behavioural ecology of hoverflies Jon Heal Cover of Dipterists Digest vol 2, 1989,  edited by Derek Whiteley.
3 - 7 The Council of Europe and the conservation of Diptera Martin C. D. Speight
7 Some interesting Diptera collected in pitfall traps in Norfolk breckland P. Withers
11 - 16 Overwintering behaviout of the larva of Myathropa florea (L.) (Diptera: Syrphidae) Caroline Greig
17 - 30 The Agromyzidae of Warwickshire John Robbins
31 - 33 Notes on Irish Trichoceridae (Insecta: Diptera) including two species new to Ireland P. Ashe and J.P. O‘Connor
33 Callicera aenea in Wolverhampton Guy T. Knight
34 Spaerophoria fatarum in the British Isles (Syrphidae) Martin C. D. Speight
34 - 35 An addition to the British Sphaerophoria discovered in Devon Alan E. Stubbs
35 A record of Sphegina elegans (Schummel, 1843) (= kimakowiczi) (Diptera: Syrphidae) in Cumbria (vc 69). Dr Neville L. Birkett
36 - 37 Some modifications to commercially-made suck-pooters for use in Diptera collecting D.K. Clements
38 - 39 A remarkable addition to the British Moth-fly fauna P. Withers
39 Some old records of Chorisops nagatomii Rozkosny (Stratiomyidae) Roy Crossley
40 - 42 Geomyza angustipennis Zetterstedt. (Opymyzidae) in Gwent: third British record. David Gibbs
42 - 43 Records of some local or scarce hoverflies in south Cleveland Chris Bentley
43 Dual courtship strategies in Criorhina asilica (Syrphidae) Alan Stubbs
44 Phytomyza scolopendri R.-D. (Diptera: Agromyzidae) - new to Scotland K.P. Bland

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