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Dipterists Digest second series, vol 19, part 1, 2012, edited by Peter J. Chandler.

1 - 38 Species accounts for Sciomyzidae and Phaeomyiidae (Diptera) known from the Atlantic zone of Europe MARTIN C.D. SPEIGHT and LLOYD V. KNUTSON Cover of Dipterists Digest second series, vol 19, part 1, 2012,  edited by Peter J. Chandler.
38 Rhagoletis meigenii (Loew) (Diptera, Tephritidae) in East Anglia A.G. IRWIN and D.A. SMITH
39 - 44 Asyndetus latifrons (Loew) (Diptera, Dolichopodidae) new to Britain ANDY GODFREY and C. MARTIN DRAKE
45 - 50 The occurrence of Geranomyia bezzii Alexander & Leonard (Diptera, Limoniidae) in England JOHN KRAMER
51 - 52 Atylotus rusticus (Linnaeus) (Diptera, Tabanidae) in the 'Dale Collection' ANDREW GRAYSON
52 Taxigramma hilarella (Zetterstedt) (Diptera, Sarcophagidae), a second British record RICHARD DICKSON
53 - 63 The Palaearctic species of Neoalticomerus Hendel (Diptera, Odiniidae) P. WITHERS and L. PAPP
63 - 64 Dipterists Day Exhibits 2011 - compiled by Editor from exhibitors' notes EDITOR
65 - 71 Piophilidae (Diptera) from Gibraltar and the puparium of Piophila megastigmata McAlpine MARTIN J. EBEJER
72 Recent records of Dixa maculata Meigen (Diptera, Dixidae) C. MARTIN DRAKE
73 - 76 A description of the male of Lonchaea bukowskii Czerny (Diptera, Lonchaeidae) IAIN MACGOWAN
76 Changes to the Irish Diptera List (17) EDITOR
77 - 86 The puparium of Meoneura lamellata Collin (Diptera, Carnidae) and records of three other carnids from bird and mammal nests GRAHAM E. ROTHERAY
87 - 92 First records from France of Eumerus obliquus (Fabricius), E. subornatus Claussen, Ferdinandea fumipennis Kassebeer and Platycheirus transfugus Zetterstedt) (Diptera, Syrphidae): notes on separation of females of E. subornatus and E. ornatus (Meigen) MARTIN C.D. SPEIGHT and ANTONIO RICARTE
92 Some new records of Phaonia latipalpis Schnabl (Diptera, Muscidae) from Wales and Devon PETER J. CHANDLER
93 - 96 A new species of the genus Syntormon Loew from Bulgaria (Diptera, Dolichopodidae) OLEG P. NEGROBOV and Mihail Kechev
96 - 97 The Gloucestershire population of Downland Villa Villa cingulata (Meigen) (Diptera, Bombyliidae) KEITH N.A. ALEXANDER
98 Revision of the West-Palaearctic species of Pipizella Rondani, 1856 (Diptera, Syrphidae) by JEROEN VAN STEENIS and JAN A.W. LUCAS Dipterists Digest (Second Series) 18, 127-180 - Correction JEROEN VAN STEENIS and JAN A.W. LUCAS
99 The hoverfly Platynochaetus setosus (Fabricius) (Diptera, Syrphidae) found alive in Britain A.G. IRWIN
100 - 101 A female of Coenosia tigrina (Fabricius) (Diptera, Muscidae) preying on a male Haematopota pluvialis (Linnaeus) (Diptera, Tabanidae) BERNARD HOCKING
101 Corrections and changes to the Diptera Checklist (27) EDITOR
102 Xanthogramma stackelbergi Violovitsch (Diptera, Syrphidae) in Britain ALAN E. STUBBS

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