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Dipterists Digest second series, vol 19, part 2, 2012, edited by Peter J. Chandler.

103 - 106 Observations on adult behaviour of Microdon myrmicae Schönrogge et al. (Diptera, Syrphidae), with particular reference to female survival, dispersal and oviposition ROBERT J. WOLTON Cover of Dipterists Digest second series, vol 19, part 2, 2012,  edited by Peter J. Chandler.
106 Trixoscelis marginella (Fallén) (Diptera, Trixoscelididae) in Surrey JONTY DENTON
107 - 124 Puparial morphology and development sites of Neottiophilum praeustum, Allopiophila vulgaris, Mycetaulus bipunctatus and Prochyliza varipes (Diptera, Piophilidae) G.E. ROTHERAY and E.G. HANCOCK
124 A recent record for Villa cingulata (Meigen) (Diptera, Bombyliidae) in Wiltshire ANDY P. FOSTER
125 - 127 Xylotachina diluta (Meigen) (Diptera, Tachinidae) rediscovered in the New Forest IVAN PERRY and GEORGE R ELSE
127 - 128 Leptarthrus vitripennis (Meigen) (Diptera, Asilidae) in Buckinghamshire TONY F. MARSHALL
128 Vaillantodes miksici (Krek) (Diptera, Psychodidae) new to Wales KEITH N.A. ALEXANDER and PETER J. CHANDLER
129 - 132 The first British record of Wiedemannia lamellata (Loew) (Diptera, Empididae) for more than a century C. MARTIN DRAKE
132 Metriocnemus beringensis (Cranston & Oliver) (Diptera, Chironomidae) new to Britain PETER H. LANGTON
133 - 134 Orthocladius (Orthocladius) carlatus (Roback) (Diptera, Chironomidae) in Europe PETER H. LANGTON
135 - 141 Two new species of Orthocladiinae (Diptera, Chironomidae) from south-eastern France PETER H. LANGTON
141 - 142 Metriocnemus (Inermipupa) carmencitabertarum Langton & Cobo (Diptera, Chironomidae) in England PETER H. LANGTON and RONALD S. WILSON
142 Records of species of fly (Diptera) for Ireland including two new to the Irish list PETER H. LANGTON
142 Smittia amoena Caspers (Diptera, Chironomidae) new to Ireland PETER H. LANGTON
143 - 150 The Reverend W.J. Wingate (1846-1912) and Durham Diptera JOHN KRAMER
151 - 154 A first record of Machimus cowini (Hobby) (Diptera, Asilidae) on the British mainland MALCOLM J. SMART and RICHARD WRIGHT
154 Crossopalpus curvinervis (Zetterstedt) (Diptera, Hybotidae) new to Britain from north Kent LAURENCE CLEMONS
155 - 156 Tipula (Pterelachisus) mutila Wahlgren (Diptera, Tipulidae) new to France and its status in Britain JOHN KRAMER
157 - 160 Records of the pupal morphotype Macropelopia spec. Norwegen, sensu Fittkau 1962 (Diptera, Chironomidae), from Ireland and Iceland DECLAN A. MURRAY
160 Changes to the Irish Diptera List (18) EDITOR
161 Rheotanytarsus rioensis Langton & Armitage (Diptera, Chironomidae) new to Ireland from specimens collected in 1973-5 D.A. MURRAY and J.P. O‘CONNOR
162 Sargus bipunctatus (Scopoli) (Diptera, Stratiomyidae) on carrion in Nottinghamshire, and some considerations for forensic entomology ANDREW I.R. CHICK
163 - 167 A new species of the genus Sciapus Zeller from the Primorje (Diptera, Dolichopodidae) O.P. NEGROBOV, ?.?. MASLOVA and O.V. SELIVANOVA
168 - 170 Platypalpus nigricoxa Mik (Diptera, Hybotidae) new to Britain ADRIAN R. PLANT
171 - 177 Records of Conopidae (Diptera) from the North Aegean islands of Chios and Lesvos, Greece J.-H. Stuke, T. Petanidou, D.K. Clements and M.J. Taylor
178 Lispocephala brachialis (Rondani) (Diptera, Muscidae), a second East Anglian record STUART PASTON
178 Further British records of Chymomyza amoena (Loew) (Diptera, Drosophilidae) from East Kent LAURENCE CLEMONS
179 - 183 It is not just time that flies in December - a winter fly project in Shropshire PETE BOARDMAN
184 A "winter" insect - the third record of Pachycerina pulchra (Loew)(Diptera, Lauxaniidae) from Norway L. GREVE, G.M. KVIFTE and S. ROTH
185 Observations on Bombylius discolor Mikan (Diptera, Bombyliidae) MICK PARKER
186 Rachispoda segem (Rohácek) (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae) new to the British list from Worcester MALCOLM BLYTHE
187 - 188 Corrections and changes to the Diptera Checklist (28) EDITOR
189 - 203 Pallopteridae (Diptera) in Scotland GRAHAM E. ROTHERAY and RICHARD M. LYSZKOWSKI
204 Meiosimyza mihalyii Papp (Diptera, Lauxaniidae) a northern record for a poorly known species GRAHAM E. ROTHERAY

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