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Dipterists Digest vol 6, 1990, edited by Derek Whiteley.

2 - 5 The beginnings of Diptera recording schemes in Britain Alan Stubbs Cover of Dipterists Digest vol 6, 1990,  edited by Derek Whiteley.
6 Polyandry in Meredon equestris (Fab.) (Syrphidae) Neville L. Birkett
7 - 19 The distribution of the genus Anopheles in Britain Alun T. Rees and Keith R. Snow
19 A further note on Phytomyza scolpendri R.-D. (Agromyzidae) John Robbins
20 - 22 Notes on the biology of Dicronota robusta Lundstroem (Diptera; Tipulidae) E.G. Hancock
22 Psychoda surcoufi in Glasgow, 1990 E.G. Hancock
23 - 27 Eupeodes lundbecki (Soot-Ryen) (Diptera: Syrphidae) new to Britain and its separartion from related species K.R. Watt and D.M. Robertson
27 - 29 Eggs and egg laying: Some details about hoverflies J. Heal
29 - 31 The puparia of Xanthogramma festivum and Xanthogramma pedisequum (Syrphidae) Martin C.D. Speight
32 - 41 Provisional keys to the Ottitidae and Platystomatidae of the British Isles David K. Clements
41 Two species of Pherbellia (Dipt: Sciomizidae) new to Britain Ivan Perry

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