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Dipterists Digest second series, vol 25, part 2, 2018, edited by Peter J. Chandler.

119 - 134 Melanagromyza galegae sp. n. (Diptera, Agromyzidae) from Hull, East Yorkshire, Great Britain Additions to the Irish list of Agromyzidae (Diptera) BARRY P. WARRINGTON Cover of Dipterists Digest second series, vol 25, part 2, 2018,  edited by Peter J. Chandler.
135 - 138 Liriomyza obliqua Hendel (Diptera, Agromyzidae) new to Britain with European data and morphological notes BARRY P. WARRINGTON and MICHAEL VON TSCHIRNHAUS
139 - 141 Emergence of Lasiomma picipes (Meigen) (Diptera, Anthomyiidae) from Golden Eagle pellets ABIGAIL RHODES and PHIL BRIGHTON
142 Liriomyza angulicornis (Malloch) (Diptera, Agromyzidae) new to Ireland Sam J. Thomas
142 - 143 Campichoeta obscuripennis (Meigen) (Diptera, Campichoetidae) from southern Scotland Pachygaster leachii Stephens and Beris morrisii Dale (Diptera, Stratiomyidae) in southern Scotland KEITH P. BLAND and DAVID HORSFIELD
143 Calliphora uralensis Villeneuve (Diptera, Calliphoridae) on the Bass Rock MURDO MACDONALD
143 - 144 Braula coeca Nitzsch (Diptera, Braulidae) in the Orkney Islands (V.C 111) LEE JOHNSON
145 - 146 A new first British record of Anthomyia plurinotata Brullé (Diptera, Anthomyiidae) PHIL BRIGHTON
147 - 149 A remarkable assemblage of Egle (Robineau-Desvoidy) species (Diptera, Anthomyiidae) NIGEL JONES
149 - 150 Behaviour of Xylota segnis (Diptera, Syrphidae) on Ranunculus flowers GRAHAM E. ROTHERAY
151 - 154 Sex ratios of Hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae) caught by netting/sweeping BRIAN HARDING
154 Trixoscelis canescens (Loew) (Diptera, Trixoscelididae) and other Trixoscelis in Shropshire NIGEL JONES
155 - 156 A clarification of the erroneous use of the name Delia penicillaris (Rondani) (Diptera, Anthomyiidae) in the British literature PHIL BRIGHTON
157 - 158 Eurina lurida Meigen (Diptera, Chloropidae) new to North-West England PHIL BRIGHTON
159 - 167 Liriomyza latigenis (Hendel) (Diptera, Agromyzidae) new to Britain, with morphological notes Liriomyza yasumatsui Sasakawa (Diptera, Agromyzidae) new to Britain BARRY P. WARRINGTON
168 - 169 Dipterists Day Exhibits 2018 EDITOR
170 Corrections and changes to the Diptera Checklist (40) EDITOR
171 - 172 Rachispoda breviceps (Stenhammar) (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae) reinstated as a British species DAVE BRICE and IVAN PERRY
172 Recent records of Triphleba flexipalpis Schmitz (Diptera, Phoridae) IVAN PERRY
173 - 175 Spelobia pappi Roháček (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae) new to Britain from Catfield Fen, Norfolk DAVE BRICE and ANDY BEAUMONT
175 A second record of Angioneura acerba (Meigen) (Diptera, Calliphoridae) from the East Lothian coast, Scotland DAVID HORSFIELD
176 Changes to the Irish Diptera List (27) EDITOR
177 - 178 A fifth site for Chrysops sepulcralis (Fabricius) (Diptera, Tabanidae) in Dumfries and Galloway ROSS H. ANDREW
179 - 184 In search of Wiedemannia simplex (Loew) (Diptera, Empididae, Clinocerinae) Iain MacGowan
185 - 187 So it has to be Brillia longifurca Kieffer (Diptera, Chironomidae) at least for the time being PETER H. LANGTON
188 - 192 The pupa of Metriocnemus (Metriocnemus) ephemerus Langton (Diptera, Chironomidae) PETER H. LANGTON and DECLAN A. MURRAY
193 - 197 Leopoldius calceatus (Rondani) (Diptera, Conopidae) new to Britain DAVID K. CLEMENTS and DAVID BASHAM
197 - 198 Sciara militaris Nowicki (Diptera, Sciaridae), another Scottish record E. GEOFFREY HANCOCK
199 - 200 A handful of Andorran syrphid records, including Chrysotoxum tomentosum Giglio-Tos (Diptera, Syrphidae) MARTIN C.D. SPEIGHT
201 - 218 James Edward Collin (1876-1968) - his life, his achievements, his legacy. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death ADRIAN C. PONT
218 Themira biloba Andersson (Diptera, Sepsidae) new to Scotland and confirmation of its larval substrate KEITH P. BLAND and DAVID HORSFIELD
219 - 220 Two wet-rock (hygropetric) species of Limoniidae (Diptera) from the Savoie, France JOHN KRAMER and MICHEL BILLARD
221 - 222 Molleriella calcarella Sæther & Ekrem (Diptera, Chironomidae) new to Britain PETER H. LANGTON
223 - 233 First record of Scathophaga stercoraria (Linnaeus) (Diptera, Scathophagidae) as a pollinator of a British mainland population of Dactylorhiza maculata (Asparagales, Orchidaceae), a review of the flowers visited by S. stercoraria and why flowers are visited by S. stercoraria ELISABETH A. HARRIS
234 - 235 Corrections (to articles in previous issues) EDITOR
236 A second record of Metriocnemus (Inermipupa) carmencitabertarum, Langton & Cobo (Diptera, Chironomidae) from Lancashire DECLAN A. MURRAY
236 Metriocnemus (Inermipupa) carmencitabertarum Langton and Cobo (Diptera, Chironomidae) in Kent PETER H. LANGTON

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