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Dipterists Digest vol 7, 1990, edited by Derek Whiteley.

2 - 7 Larvale and puparial records of some hoverflies associated with dead wood (Diptera, Syrphidae) Graham Rotheray Cover of Dipterists Digest vol 7, 1990,  edited by Derek Whiteley.
8 - 18 The fourth-stage larva of Atrichobrunettia angunstipennis (Tonnoir) (Diptera: Psychodidae Psychodinae) François Vaillant and Phil Withers
18 - 19 Psychoda lativentris Berdén, a moth fly new to Britain Phil Withers
20 - 23 Some new records of fungus breeding Phoridae (Diptera) R.H.L. Disney and R.E. Evans
24 - 27 Syntormon luteicornis; a species new to the British Isles (Dolichopodidae) R.M. Blackith, R.E. Blackith and M.C.D. Speight
28 A second Irish record of Syntormon luteicornis Parent M.C.D. Speight
28 - 29 Some less common Tephritidae recently observed in Warwickshire John Robbins
30 - 33 Two Hercostomus (Gymnopternus) species, new to Great Britain Marc Pollet
34 - 38 Provisional distribution maps for Leopoldius species in Britain (Diptera: Conopidae), with some comments on the known biology David K. Clements
39 - 40 Stridulating in Solva marginata (Diptera, Xylomyidae) C.M. Drake
40 - 41 Intersexual forms of Hilara monedula Coll. (Empididae) Adrian R. Plant

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