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#1 2017-01-29 18:09:32

Michael Ackland
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Revised key to Eustalomyia

Richard Dickson pointed out to me that the Key to Eustalomyia in the Antho Pack was incorrect. Here is a revised key:

Males and females
1    Legs and palpus partly yellow......vittipes (Zetterstedt)
    Legs and palpus completely black    2
2    Arista long haired, the length of the hairs on upper and lower side are each equal to width of postpedicel.  Median vitta of scutum widened behind into a rounded spot .......hilaris (Fallén)
    Arista short haired or pubescent. Median vitta of scutum equally wide throughout    3
3    The length of hairing on arista in total equal to width of postpedicel. Males only: Hind tibia with  7 av-setae.......     festiva (Zetterstedt)
    Hairing of arista significantly shorter, the arista is only pubescent.  Males only: Hind tibia with 12 av-setae.........histrio (Zetterstedt)

In couplet 3 the hind tibial character only applies to the males. I have replaced this key in the Antho Pack on Dropbox (pdf file).



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