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Seeking a suitably tiny fly

Dear all,

I am a novice (but I hope eager) Dipterist who wishes to study the behaviours and neuroanatomy of a tiny fly and compare it with the well studied Drosophila melanogaster. Whilst there are many small flies, the major limitation being that the fly must have a head capsule volume which is, at most, 150um x 150um x 150um. Ideally this species of tiny fly could also be culivated in large enough numbers for the purposes of studying behaviour (conditioned aversive olfactory tests and general observations). My best candidates at the moment are Contarinia nasturtii (which to be honest will likely prove to have too big a head and difficult cultivation) and Puliciphora borinquenensis (which has arrived in the UK but may be too tricky to culture in a novice environment). At the moment, therefore, I am at a loss as to which species I could actually use for experiment which has become a major stumbling block. I therefore hoped that I could ask the Dipsters Forum, in their collective knowledge, if they knew of any potential candidate Diptera that would have a suitably small head and where and how I could capture and culture these? Any and all help would be immensely appreciated.




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