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A new microscope for looking inside flies

Dipterists may be interested in the Mesolens, a UK invention which has been installed in the laboratory of Prof Gail McConnell (University of Strathclyde).  This is basically a microscope that covers a 6mm diameter field ( like your 10x hand lens) but with a numerical aperture 5x higher that a microscope objective of similar power.  It has enabled Gail to record stunning detail of the interior of Drosophila and Culex ( see https://twitter.com/gailmcconnell/statu … 1136415744 for the Drosophila work, which will shortly appear in J. Microscopy) including intracellular detail throughout the body. The lens is made in the UK and is hugely difficult and expensive, so the only way to get access to it in the short term is to get in contact with Gail in Strathclyde. If you have the time and computer capacity, download the full-resolution movie , which is far better than the version on Twitter.
Brad Amos     Cambridge

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