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Tony Irwin
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Request for sphaerocerids

Jindřich Roháček has written to request specimens of Spelobia and Pteremis from Britain. The text of his e-mail follows:

Dear colleagues,
It seem to me that new technologies could now help to definitely solve the problem of closely related "small" species versus broad (variable) species concepts in European taxa of Spelobia. Using molecular barcoding I would like particularly to solve the "clunipes - manicata (and faeroensis)", rufilabris - ibrida" and possibly also the "talparum - talis - cizeki" complexes.

To achieve this goal I would particularly need the help of British dipterists. You surely know that Spelobia manicata, S. talparum and S. palmata were described (by O. W. Richards) from England, and, therefore I would need to have fresh samples of these species from the country. The specimens should be best preserved in methanoled ethanol as is used in Britain.

Of course, I would be interested also in any other Spelobia specimens (S. rufilabris, S. luteilabris, S. pseudosetaria etc.) including unidentified material suitable for molecular work (i.e. younger than 5 years, dry mounted or in ethanol).

I do not need series of specimens, 1 to (ideally) 2 specimens (best males for more precise ID) of each species is normally enough.

Could you, please, spread my request to community of British dipterists, particularly to those who study Sphaeroceridae) and could have or could collect such a Spelobia material in Britain for this purpose? 

Please, note, that I am (already for several years) also searching for specimens (both macropterous and brachypterous = f. nivalis Haliday) of Pteremis fenestralis from British Is. to can continue the revision of the W. Palaearctic species of the genus Pteremis.

Very best regards, yours

RNDr. Jindřich Roháček, CSc.
Slezské zemské muzeum (Silesian Museum)
Nádražní okruh 31
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic

tel. 00420 55362299
mobil 00420 604777121



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