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#1 2018-06-04 00:56:17

Mark Lewis
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Possible dolichopeza albipes - Shetland

Apologies - Iím a complete novice here, but I saw (what I considered to be) a very distinctive crane fly and I was hoping some experts might be able to help me out.

Iím a birder and usually pay little attention to other flying things so please excuse the meagre description! What I saw was a distinctively dark coloured crane fly, with prominent pale (cream coloured) distal sections to each leg. It seemed quite large, with delicate looking legs (even for a crane fly). From a quick google, dolichopeza albipes lept of the screen at me, but as Iím on Shetland I understand that this would be a pretty rare record. Is there anything more likely that I might need to consider?

Many thanks,




#2 2018-06-04 01:30:44

Tony Irwin
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Re: Possible dolichopeza albipes - Shetland

Well, it's known from St Kilda, so a record from Shetland is quite likely. Don't think there's any other species that you could confuse it with, if it had pale tarsi on each leg.



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