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Help with French


I am translating these sentences from
Séguy, E. (1923). Faune de France, Paris,  Part 6, Diptères Anthomyides, 306-307

however there seems to be a contradiction, have I missed something?

L'oeuf contient une larve complètement formée qui éclôt immédiatement après la ponte (Séguy, 1923)
The egg contains a larva which hatches immediately after laying (Séguy, 1923)

Le cycle évolutif complet de l'oeuf à l'éclosion de la mouche demande près d'une année (Séguy, 1923)
The complete lifecycle from egg to hatching of the fly takes nearly a year (Séguy, 1923)

I can only find hatching as a translation for l'éclosion?

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